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­­­­­­­ ­­­Welcome to HG Financial Planning ­

Whether you have been clicking through dozens of Independent Fin­ancial Advisor (IFA)­ websites recently or this is your first stab at finding a financial adviser you can trust, please give yourself 30 seconds to see if this is the right place for you.­
Do you prefer;

  1. A dedicated local adviser always available to talk to directly

  2. To work with a smaller firm that values each client - even if they do not necessarily have the assets to consider themselves a ‘wealth management’ candidate

  3. Being given the time to explain fully and in your own way your financial concerns and objectives without any pressure to take action until you are ready

  4. To know that your personal financial adviser has over 18 years’ experience looking after both individual and business clients, holds professional qualifications in excess of those required and is committed to helping you make a better future for you, your family or your business.
  5. Having immediate access to details of all your policies and investment arrangements via your own secure client website.­
­For more information please contact Chris Jones, HG Financial Planning

Helping You Make a Better Future for You, Your Family or Your Business­
Personal Protection
Personal Protection

Without provision against serious illness not only your dreams but your daily lifestyle, and that of those we care about, can be damaged irrevocably...

Testimonials Although I did not have any funds to invest, HG completed a full review of my current arrangements and were able to improve my critical illness provision, which as a self employed business owner is vital to secure my future and very important to me. They also managed to reduced my premium! Sue Southern, Ithica Photography , Bramhall
Robust Retirement
Robust Retirement

Contact Chris at HG Financial Planning to review your pension situation...



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